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Global Supply Solutions Ltd is all about reimagining and creating the supply chains of the future. As entrepreneurs in a digital world, we create innovative products and end-to-end solutions for our customers.


Whether it is raw material sourcing, vendor compliance, product design, manufacturing control or logistics, we have the unique ability to create flexible, end-to-end supply chain strategies for retailers and brands around the world. Contact us in Ltd in Greater London, UK to learn more.


With Global Supply Solutions Ltd, you get a strategic supply chain solutions provider that can handle all your business and product needs. We can assist you regardless of how you want to purchase your products—whether it is through an agent, an importer, supplier or wholesaler.

Our company has offices and individuals in all production markets. With the help of our experts, we can commit a wide network of suppliers to meet all your sourcing, design and production demands.


We cover everything from national brands, specialty shops, e-commerce to department stores and clubs, as well as off-price retailers and hypermarkets. In addition, our company finds solutions in all product categories and market segments, from mass market to luxury.

Our expertise in the design and development of private label products gives us the edge over competition. We deliver the best quality of work from the initial product design and development to the final delivery of fashion, gifts and ready-to-wear accessories, among others.


Our product verticals in sweater, furniture and beauty coincide to help you differentiate your products. A common denominator between our product teams is the commitment to aiming for creativity, innovation and design.


As a leading logistics services provider, we specialise in the following key verticals:

Apparel and Footwear
Consumer Goods
Food and Beverages
Retail and Electronics

Through our local logistics and global freight management, we are here to find integrated solutions from the moment the product is shipped out of the factory to the point it reaches consumers.


Our vast knowledge together with our network in the global supply chain and retail market gives us a keen understanding of collaborative solutions for our customers in the foreseeable future.


In addition, we don’t just focus on moving products from one place to another, but we analyse our customers’ needs as well. Our company looks into challenges that may arise, as well as produce design variations and contingency plans to ensure our customers that they are safe and secure with us.

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