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Ready to take computing experience to the next level? Build or supercharge your rig with the latest cutting-edge graphics cards, Network switches, Power Cables, SSDs, Monitors, Projectors, Power supplies, Wired Mouse, Laptop adaptors and other vital PC parts! With thousands of Components Of Computers from Global Supply, search via specifications, price points, and brands to find the computer hardware that fits your setup.

Our great selection of Computer Accessories UK and peripherals contain various essential components of a computer for any system. You'll find computer mice, desktop power supply keyboards, monitors, memory parts, processors, charging cables and many more. So, choosing the correct PC parts is critical whether you want to boost your PC or construct your first system. Fortunately, Global Supply has 1000s of products in all main categories. Start exploring. 


Crucial Components Of Computer Available at Global Supply


Your PC will not function without a motherboard, processor, RAM kit, and power supply. Storage is required to keep files, programmes, and games. A graphics card is required if you intend to use your PC primarily for gaming. Certain processors feature integrated graphics, although they do not perform as well as a separate GPU. Other components on this page are for customising your PC to your specifications.



RAM (Random Access Memory) is required for rapid system response times while maintaining high framerates. RAM allows your system to access data faster by loading it into the component rather than directly from your hard disc. 8GB of RAM is plenty, but more is generally better. We also stock SSD cards and hard drives to improve your system's storage. 


The processor, often known as the microprocessor or CPU (for Central Processing Unit), is the PC's brain. It handles all general computing activities and coordinates the work of memory, video, disc storage, and other system components. The CPU is an extremely complicated device that usually lies directly on the motherboard of a PC. Still, it may occasionally exist on a daughter card that connects to the motherboard via a dedicated specialised slot. 


The processors available at Global Supply from leading brands draw less heat and have higher clock speeds, which can produce slightly better performance overall. These processors are also more commonly compatible with motherboards, so completing your PC is easy.


PC And Laptops  

We are the right location for you if you want portable laptops or desktop PCs. Our selection is designed to help you locate the ideal piece of equipment for you. You may be looking for a high-quality, low-cost family desktop computer. If you are an ardent gamer seeking a device that can elevate your gaming experience, we've featured various models and designs of Windows PCs and laptops to choose from. You can browse our categories for Desktop Pc, Notebook And Chromebook, Tablet And Accessories and many more.


Graphic Cards

Graphics cards are the heart and soul of any gaming setup. A top-tier card is required to experience the most beautiful games at maximum settings, as it is responsible for graphics and picture rendering. A high-quality graphics card, like your processor, is required, and here at Global Supply, we have it all.


Power Supplies

The more powerful the components you choose, the larger the PSU (power supply unit) requires. A decent power supply wakes up your system faster, uses less overall power, and keeps everything operating quietly, so your rig doesn't sound like a brick in a tumble dryer. A lesser-power PSU will result in decreased performance and system faults, so choose one that can handle your system's power requirements.


Cabling And Networking

Your information technology network connects all your devices, allowing you to share information, communicate, and cooperate. Your network comprises your computers and other equipment that can connect to them, such as mobile phones, tablets, and printers. Your network should be strong and error-free. Global Supply understands the importance of the right cables and networking for your system. Hence our inventory features every type of cable that can be used to give you an unbeatable experience. You can shop for Av Cables, Fibre Optic Cables, Network Cables, Network Switches, Power Cables, Power Line Adapters, routers, Usb Cables, etc. 


Where Should I Buy Computer Accessories in the UK?


Here we are! As the UK's top online electrical shop, we take pride in our extensive choice of high-quality items, carrying components from trusted industry leaders such as Intel, AMD, Asus, and Micro-Star.


Whatever your budget or degree of skill, Global Supply has the Components Of the Computer, Computer accessories you need at a reasonable price. So there's no need to worry if you need something quickly; just order with us, and we'll deliver it right to your door!


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