Dr.K3 Pro Type-C Medical Penlight

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Dr. K3Pro is a portable professional medical flashlight. It features dual light sources, multi modes, type-C charging, memory mode and pupil scale on the surface. Dual light sources and various brightnesses provide more comfortable and useful diagnosis experience, to avoid overmuch glare in eye examination and insufficient light in oral examination. Its yellow light is exempted of blue light hazard, RG0, which means no hurt to eyes when aiming the light at eyes, to protect patients’ eyes and avoiding medical personnel using the light source with excessive blue light. With color rendering index, Ra > 95, K3Pro ensures high degree of color reduction, able to help medical personnel make judgments efficiently and accurately by truly presenting the status of lesions. No matter what problems come up on the way to the growth of children, pharyngitis, cold, fever and stumble, etc., Dr. K3Pro will help you a lot in examining their throat, eyes and injuries.

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