Dr. K3S Medical Flashlight (White Light)

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Brand: Dr. K3S Medical Flashlight (White Light)
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Dr.K3S is a flashlight specially designed for the medical market, to provide the most accurate diagnostic lighting for medical practitioners. The color rendering index (Ra) of the product light source is greater than 90, and the color temperature (CCT) is about 5000K, close to the viewing effect under the sunlight, so that the state of the lesion can be truly presented to help medical staffs make accurate judgments. The photobiological hazard level of K3S is RG0, exemption level, causing no eye damages. K3S features the professional optical system design and a uniform spot without dark areas, able to help to see the object clearly at a glance and avoid misjudgments. In addition, its compact 10.5 cm length and stylish appearance make K3S perfectly fit the medical jacket pocket, easy to carry and convenient for use in time. Not only can K3S really be a good assistant for medical staffs with comfortable, safety and accurate observation experience, but also a professional and useful home-use medical tool for safety body check.

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